About Me

Threading Through Life is here to lighten the demands and obsessions pressuring our day to day existence.
Boost inspiration and gain tips trialed by me. Have it be fashion trends with HOW TO’S for styling and identifying with your esthetic, enjoy daily tasks like eating, embrace savory moments from taste to surroundings.Do Bad Things NYC

Find courage and IRL (in real life) stories that unravel when you stop focusing on what others perceive and focus on you. Improve your life with books that bring out the best of you, pursue dreams because they should have never been placed on the back burner, to begin with,

My Stories page fill with success and error learning life lessons sometimes left me in tears, but I still manage to be here. Going after a dream is not an easy road, putting yourself out there on the journey will surprise the impact and encouragement others have found via you. It is an amazing reward.


Click around, leave comments (I would love to hear feedback and get some communication going), fumble through social media follow for a follow and let’s see what we can create with this life we have.

xoxo Mandy Koch (pron. Cook) http://www.threadingthroughlife.com

Contact me: threadthroughlife@gmail.com


2 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I like the intro, just a thought but you could share a little more relevant background about yourself would be nice, maybe it’s already in the content but something about you chasing your dreams which could be the reason you created this website and maybe just some personal info youd like to share so we, as the readers, know more about the person that we are reading about before we start reading your stories. Just my initial 2 cents before I divulge into your stories and the rest of your content.



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