Hop Doddy Burger Bar is the choice for the “Last Meal”

Ode to Hopdoddy

Time after time…and more time, I continue to visit one of my favorite eating spots in Dallas. I am constantly impressed and full of satisfaction from every meal.  Hopdoddy Burger Bar has become my go-to-craving-satisfaction-restaurant.  Leading to what I call my “DeathRow Burger”, Hopdoddy’s is my choice for my life’s last meal. More specifically, the GoodNight Burger, large Kennebec Fries, and a Hopdoddy’s Carmel & Sea Salt Milkshake (mouth watering yet?)

Photo credited www.ocregister.com
Photo credited http://www.ocregister.com

You can taste the pride Hopdoddy Burger Bar presents when running their restaurants. Quirky and cute, captions such as,”We spank our patties and they like it” displayed on the back of servers t-shirts. Using all-natural ingredients, buying with the support of local farms, and cutting their own fries, Hopdoddy has improved the way I eat burgers.  I use Hopdoddy as my scoring card for all other burger joints out there, yet to bump them off my #1 spot.  The best part, they are consistently good!

Additional information about Hopdoddy Burger Bar:

  • Good for groups, family, dates, & self-satisfaction
  • Variety of Maine Root Fountain Sodas to choose from
  • When you order The GoodNight $1 is donated to a charitable organization
  • Over 95% of their waste is composted or recycled locally
  • On Tap Beer from local artisanal brewers
Photo Credited diningout.com
Photo Credited diningout.com

Food & Drink Note:

  • If you do not like hot, Ye Be Warned, the El Diablo Burger had me crying and sweating for an hour
  • I have stolen a few bites of the Greek Burger, and support the good taste (if only I could get away from ordering The Goodnight)
  • Locals also love the Magic Shroom Burger
  • Try the Truffle Fries, I personally like the Kennebec Fries, but the Truffle has its worth
  • The Chocolate Stout Shakes is that good, my friends’ dad orders one after another
  • It must be the Ancho Chile Salted Rim that makes my mouth water for their Sangria

For more on Hopdoddys’ amazingness check out their page http://www.hopdoddy.com/graze/


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