I Decided to Venture to the Bright Side & Dyed my Hair Purple. Who would of Guessed Bright-Vivid Locks would Project this Much Fun & Joy to Myself and those Around Me.

“I was experiencing an identity crisis, there were several contributing factors but my hair was the ‘mane’ issue”


Loss of identity

Born a blonde and maintaining several wonderful shades through the years, I eventually grew tired of monthly visits to the salon and dishing out $$$. I left the dye behind opting for natural beauty that was luckily trending in the form of subtle Ombre I looked good in pictures, but behind the lens, the lack of vibrancy washed out my skin tone along with my soul.

Darker identity crisis

I went brunette.

After being blonde my whole life the dark side was surprisingly liberating. I shed the ‘skinny little blonde girl‘ stigma paired with blonde jokes haunting me with low self-esteem since elementary school. Brunette altered my go-to ‘cool‘ color pallet which required a new play on makeup #Redlips. Unfortunately, it did not take long for the dark side became a dark side for my confidence. My desire for attention, bubbly, outgoing personality did not take repression well. Attempt to emulate a more refined, sophisticated, soft-spoken persona associated with brunettes’ only confused my sense of identity further. ????

“Screw it, I am going purple.”

The boyfriend thought purple was a good idea knowing I needed spunk in my life. Interrogation stepped in once I booked the appointment with the hair guru @hairbymandyvann . After showing him Mandy’s Instagram feed the buttoned-up, modest southern mentality force fed to us once birthed pursued. What would others think of me? Would it impact work or future employment? Would I be taken seriously?Bottom line I did not care about others, frankly, I was so tired worrying what others thought of me. I care about me! How can you truly care about others when you don’t care for yourself?

IMG_2422Dying Process

It took a total 5 hours.

I arrived a self-dyed brunette, 2 hours pass and my hair looked exactly like Frenchie from Grease, because of bleach.

Five various shades containing purple, blue, and a pink cooly coated my strands in gooey vibrancy. After rinsing and sitting back in the chair anticipation built throughout the salon. Everyone was eager to see if this stranger (me) made a good decision or totally fucked up, gratifying the jealous judgment that comes with women (especially in Dallas) that I was an idiot.

Through the drying process, it was clear purple was a winning game changer. Stylist envied Mandy’s talent and my excitement for life sprouted. Three hours invested in dye, processing, wash/rinse, drying, then styled I was released from the salon. The drive home I couldn’t keep from smiling. Finally, I felt like the Good Me, the girl who embraces being cool and different, a little odd and with a smile on her face. It had been years since feeling I knew who I was, or being comfortable and confident in my appearance.

7 things that followed after dying

  1. My boyfriend loved it
  2. I received compliments every day over my hair
  3. Women didn’t automatically see me as a threat, the purple coated them in shock and interest
  4. It was a rule (initially a real challenge) to wash your hair few times possible
  5. My confidence skyrocketed, I started having some of the best memories and truly fun times
  6. Instagram loved it as much as I did
  7. Great conversation starter
  8. Gave me the strength to move to New York

Debating embracing vivid hair yourself? Been a vivid color besides purple? Have your own colorful hair experience? Questions and comments encouraged.Let’ss talk hair!


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