#1 Destination for Japanese food in New York City


I was first introduced to Kenkas by a girlfriend that swore for a couple of days that this was a must-do for a dining experience in NYC. Tucked so slightly on St Marks Place due to the 3-4 step-down, one can simply miss this adventure. If so lucky, you have a friend to guide you, notice a rather long line to get in, or maybe the cotton candy machine next to “your face goes here”, of some obscene cutout.

Kenkas Entrance

To simplify your journey to find Kenkas I have included a picture of the entrance (St Marks), as well as the locations address and contact numbers.

Location: 25 St Marks Pl  (Btwn 3rd Ave & Astor Pl)      New York, NY 10003

Tel: (212) 254-6363


Japanese cuisine from ramen, dumplings, animal testicles, etc. and upon arrival offers hilarious and erotic sexual decor absolutely everywhere (not recommended to bring children, but to one’s judgment.

Why I am in L-O-V-E

There is a secret…(why am I giving this up) Upon arrival, ask the hostess: “Do you have any Tuna bone left?”  Lucky for me I have always received a positive nod, but this is not always guaranteed. I sit, gazing at their rather absurd, dramatized menu and spew out what I know and something out the ordinary.

Kenkas Menu
Small section of their large menu

My typical order to start:

  • Cheap mug of Sapporo ($5) or sake
  • The TUNA BONE ($5)
  • Fish pancakes
  • Pot Stickers   
  • Chicken Skewers                                                              

The Tuna Bone

My main love and what has me sold on Kenkas is the $5 Tuna Bone. As you can see (me in the picture above) you get all of this for $5. AMAZING! You grab a spoon and scrape. Then fresh sashimi is in your hands to devour. It is absolutely delicious! Also, one must mention there are 2 sides of this fresh meat-eating-goodness.

** Also, one must mention there are 2 sides of this fresh meat-eating-goodness.**

Will you fluff or fall flat on the final Cotton Candy  Challenge

Between the fun-loud-atmosphere enticed with the kooky kinky decor,  Kenkas is my map to take everyone I know, who does not know Kenkas. At the end of your meal, you take this little cup of pink sugar meant for the Cotton Candy Machine Outside. It is up to you to master the pink fluffy satisfaction. Or fall flat.

Depending on the night there are really-Really cheap drinks. I’ve been lucky to get a .5L of Sapporo for $2), and the little cup of pink sprinkles they give you when you tab out, Kenkas is on my map for ‘take everyone you know, who don’t know.’



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