Sunday Sound with Sandy: Highasakite

Very excited to bring readers my first contributing writer, and go-to for a good time gal pal, Sandy. With her love for all things fun, I am talking bright colors, cool parties, catchy music, and ‘snappy snapchats’, Sandy is a voice to be heard. A future collaboration, Sunday Sound with Sandy, readers will have the opportunity to learn a little piece about new artists, sound, style, and point of view.


I first heard Highasakite when they made an appearance on my favorite British reality show, Made in Chelsea. The music was an instant draw, connecting the sound of chill beats in my ears and generating happy brain waves in my mind. The lead singer, Ingrid Helene Håvik, pulled me in with her stage attitude and indie style. Immediately, I felt the desire to experience Highasakite live, googling them as fast as I could unlock my iPhone. I learned that the band is from Norway, likely why I did not understand their name right away: HI-ASA-KAH-TEE? Is that a Norwegian word? Silly Sandy, it’s “High as a Kite” without spaces. The realization was mind-blowing, and I loved them just a little bit more.

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Having recently released their third album and getting more attention outside of their native Norway, Highasakite is definitely a band to watch! They will be touring the U.S. this September (Mandy and I will seeing them September 6th @ Rough Trade in Brooklyn). Be sure to check them out when they are soul-searching in a city near you.



Songs currently obsessed with:

I Am My Own Disease – Camp Echo

Since Last Wednesday – Silent Treatment

My Mind is a Bad Neighborhood – Camp Echo


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