Artist on the rise: Dylan Bauver

This past weekend two of my good friends invited me, and a lot of other people to check out an art show they were presenting at The Gowanus Art Project. I am one who loves to support and promote my friends especially since they are all talented. Free drinks also helped sway what I was to do on a Friday night. I arrived the last hour of the opening day and before even walking in the doors my friend Daniel gave me a warm welcome with a hug and eye-sparkling gratitude for showing support.

Camera in hand, I strut through the long hall that projects rooms of bright emotion shown through drawings, jewelry, paintings, and the characters that so humbly fit with each artist. I knew I had found ‘what I was doing this weekend.’ The following 2 days there I was, Mandy the photographer, interacting and snapping the artists and their fellow admirers. Seriously a time I will always remember.

So why this post? Who is Dylan Brauver? Dylan is the artist that personally selected all talent for the weekend show. His work is shown in the mosaic of photographs above. My personal favorite is him smiling and holding a ‘Picasso’ like drawing. Guess what? That drawing was done in kindergarten at the age of five. Easy to say there is some mad talent. Through a collection of statement making in-your-face drawings and trippy large scale art, Dylan Brauver’s room was the first, setting the expectation and wow-worthy art for the curious traffic that multiplied by the hour.

I plan to bring more artist images and stories following this…that is if I get enough comment love and likes 😉 JK, I do what I want.

Follow Dylan on in Insta  @bauvez and check out his website and contact info @ 


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