About a New York Girl

Unaware of what’s ahead

She writes, reads, engages, inspires

Unaware of who her true self is

Doing her best to survive. Finding strength that resides within

Comfort and un-comfort, pendulum sways

Grateful for all she’s got but knows she needs more

She sets out to find the way to the top. Not for some corporation or in someone’s eyes

This is for herself

The story of the girl continues

Do Bad Things NYC

New York is the place

Exposed to the feeling she belongs

Plays off frequency, always with a cheerful face

She can make it, this is known

With so much to give it will be long before she feels this is done

Gave it all up to gain even more. Opportunities grow

They come they go

Latch on let go

Move-on pack-up

Settle down get going

Tempo drops from the climactic beat of life in the city

The girl needs to catch up on sleep

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