Happy Anniversary to Me! My social survival tips for on how to make it this Far

Meet people & make friends:

New Yorkers are very helpful especially when you first arrive. Intrigued by what brought you here, how are you liking it, so on. There is a particular buzz that picks up when you open up and talk to people here.

Someone always wants to help either the help is coming from them or someone they know that knows someone that can help. Follow through with leads. To Take the first lead shows eager for work or any leads put you in contact opens the door for receiving help.

Over coming fear of initiating contact can inform you that the person is not interested, cross them off your list and move on. One of my true and longest friend in New York I met the night I lost my phone, just by asking her for directions. It is kinda one of the cutest stories plus our names rhyme.

New York was my first experience of how humble strangers can be: directions, networking, job help, discounts, community “morning hello”, cat calls

Moving deeper into the kindness from New Yorkers, I am so grateful to be in an open networking environment. People have helped me move, find places to live, hookup for clubs, parties whatever that is always a bomb ass time that wouldn’t of happened without them.

Stability is not besties with majority of New Yorkers. Medicaid, clinics, food stamps, hopping subways, & having strangers open the Exit door, waiting 3 hours in the blistering-irritating cold for “rejected food from Trader Joe’s” we know how to be resourceful in order to survive.


So much alcohol! It’s networking juice. Celebrate a good day or throwing it back to forget the bad, 2 tequila shots and a beer bartender (bad days).

Bars and coffee shops are great for meeting new people, if the people are not great it is at least entertaining. Of course being the outgoing beautiful women I am, alcohol is free like a majority of the time. Even now I am gulping 1 pint of ABK Spezialbier Premium lager (2 for $3 at my local grocer). Classy.


From first moving here till now main meet ups are surrounded by booze, not entirely proud that we drink like our liver takes no impact. I was told once I am worth my weight in gold for how much booze I can consume, still appearing sober. Sarcastically I ask to trade the gold for a new liver when the time comes.

The things you come across:

I really need to start an Insta account just for random wigs found on New York sidewalks. I always ponder what the hell happen the night before. A great little distraction that always has me smiling, shaking my head.

“The Chair” what a fantastic night! 

Elvis: my groin pig from LES 

Charlie: A hand carved wooden chair I carried home in a freezing night

Other goodies: Iron 2-tier shelf, 3 drawer plastic container, MY WALL, and a Pottery Barn hampering Tribeca 


How has my style changed since New York?

My basics are now t-shits, jeans, sneakers, double layer necklace, bunch of rings, lip stick,    and something odd ad grungy

The importance is comfortable shoes (durability/comfort/all-weather/cleaning)

Confidence, rock the look no matter what 

Dating, IRL: no reason for bumble when you have Subways, sidewalks, bars, and an out going personality 

Started going bra-less

Not 100% but something about the city has you feel confident, sexy, and completely okay with throwing on a dress or tee with nothing in-between. It is liberating, somewhat scary, but the feeling of freedom and risk has me being okay with bra-less more and more. 


Always an excuse for being late.

Sexual harassment ( the guy that was jerking off/morning boners/”you are sexy”/rubbing up against). You are in New York long enough to say once any of those experiences happen. Unfortunately they will.



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