Not so great Sex in the City

The throw around

First, there was Jon who I met waiting for the J or maybe the Q? Anyways, can’t remember what I was doing but it was 4 am and I know I was residing my sublease in Flatbush. Easy for my mind to jot back on where I lived since Jon, an at-the-time struggling actor who lived in Jersey, still wanted to sleep with me even though the act would take place on my air mattress. At this point in my new New York life, I had a few ex-boyfriends needing to be covered up in cheap affection. Now was not the time to be prude, selective, or raise standards high. Relating high topic, we stayed out so late or early that Jon was not going back to Jersey. I welcome him home high with hopes cheap plastic and sex would drown out memories and induce slumber.

Let me tell you, this guy practically bit my ear and lip off. The aggression this guy had during the act was like throwing my body into a VHS player and hitting the Fast Forward button 3 times.  His hands, mouth, teeth were in constant motion, by the time I could come up for air he had finished. We screwed on my squeaky mattress a couple more times, I was curious if the aggression was tension release that would subside after 2 or 3 rounds, test results: Negative. My hints/suggestions were not worth compromising inner desire to pound you under his sweaty suffocating rapid WTF-is-going-on sexual release. After the third VHS tape and a blister on his foot bleeding all over my (air) mattress, I decided my thrown around, no eye contact, odd sexual release from whatever his past lined up for his future was enough for me. New memories, confusion was​ plenty for me to try my luck on to the next cheap memory eraser.

Break my neck

Here I am ass up, half of my face smooshed into a pillow suffocating from my own hot breath. The constant pounding combine with a hand pressing down the middle of my spine eliminates my chance to rotate my neck and gasp for oxygen. Moaning, encouraging, trying anything and everything to end this quickly.

Finally, the soldiers go into battle only to meet quick defeat from the latex wall of doom. Great, mission accomplished. I have engaged in casual sex mimicking what society and media present for single men and women of this generation. Cool, casual, no true feelings or emotions, just pure fun with the likelihood of experiencing the ‘walk of shame’ the following morning.

“Wow, that was great!” Exhaling from their chest as they roll over to cool off the droplets of sweat coating their body.

Yeah. Great.” Leaving my mouth as I turn away searching for my garments they so carelessly throw around. “I should get going, early morning.”

“Oh, you are not going anywhere.” A statement seeping through a smile as they reach for my ass. “I am not done with you yet, that was a warm-up.”






 Sex in the City.png


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