Want to know what the second week feels like moving to New York? Here’s a video of my Experience.

A Breakdown of my living situation when this video was Recorded

  • Optimistic and really bad luck. I thought this was my test to see if I could handle streets of New York. Now, less optimistic, and New York is still testing me.
  • I lived in a sketchy part of Brooklyn considering I moved 9 times throughout BK, this is still marked as the scariest place.
  • Quickly noticed that I do not want to live next to a major street AND/OR an 8 stories Elementary Public School.
    • During the hours of 3-5pm car horns blare, beep, tap, and drag on. Tight and wound up, I become “that person“, open the window of my very cozy twin size room and bitterly yell “WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT”?!
    • Avoid living near schools. 8am, 12-1pm, 3-4pm screeching voices still managed to get past earplugs.

Video below I let out the honesty

Yes, I am high, this is New York after all.






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