5 Necessary Topics Needed when Stocking your Bathroom, New or Desiring Functionality

Why am I always missing something?

Moving out of my parents home to my first apartment for college, moving in with a long-term boyfriend, and infamously moving to NY adjusting to all the quarks each bathroom had (including the requirements set in place by new roommates). I call myself an expert for “Wow much better” by adding some if not all improvements listed. In fac, t you can hire me just reach out through my contact page or email via threadthroughlife@gmail.com.

Below I created an infographic breaking down necessities every bathroom needs right away, or you or a guest will require ina time of need (PeptoBismol).

  • Cleaning & gear to prevent messes
  • Skincare needs
  • Bathing
  • Medical basics
  • Splurge vs steal (highly discounted) with Money left over 

ORGANIZe New Bathroom

Feel like I missed something important? Have questions regarding a bathroom rut? Whatever You are thinking please leave comments below.

xoxo Mandy



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