What it takes to FIT your Dreams

Not too long ago, so it seems to me, I had a chemical switch, zap to the brain or manifest destiny (except Texas to East Coast) hit me like a cartoon with a baseball bat. Swarming stars, overly confident delusions, and determination pursued. The main goal was to move to NY and BE IN FASHION. Naturally thinking the acceptance (and attendance) at FIT would path my yellow brick road to fashion success...

Sunday Sound with Sandy: Highasakite

I first heard Highasakite when they made an appearance on my favorite British reality show, Made in Chelsea. The music was an instant draw, connecting the sound of chill beats in my ears and generating happy brain waves in my mind.

#1 Destination for Japanese food in New York City

Japanese cuisine from ramen, dumplings, animal testicles, etc. and upon arrival offers hilarious and erotic sexual decor absolutely everywhere (not recommended to bring children, but to one's judgment. There is a secret...(why am I giving this up)<a href=""> Read More...

That New York newbie Struggle

What will be the cause of your first New York tears? Losing your monthly metro? Cat calls at 4am? Panic attack in the Subway?

1st day moving to New York and all I can talk about is Hot Pot

Why am I going so far with this Hot Pot thing?  I was very impressed watching my new roommates work so well together to prepare this new (to me) cultured meal.  Watching everything come together with everyone working together is part of those beautiful moments when all is okay in the world.  And being fresh off the plane, a home-cooked-family-style-conversation-engaging-meal was just what I needed. <a href=""> Read More...

You are a Badass: Caution, Reading this book will result in Badss attitude and outlook. Results, Your life will Change 

So here I was, looking into the bathroom mirror trying to remember the last time I felt even the slightest bit okay with the girl staring me back. So frustrated with my life and how it was nothing I wanted or imagined it would be, and so incredibly tired of being miserable. Drama queen? No, more like someone who lost their soul as if it just evaporated slowly over time. Everything has to change and quick!

I Decided to Venture to the Bright Side & Dyed my Hair Purple. Who would of Guessed Bright-Vivid Locks would Project this Much Fun & Joy to Myself and those Around Me.

"I was experiencing an identity crisis, there were several contributing factors but my hair was the 'mane' issue"

Go to place for chicken & waffles in TeXas

Crunchy chicken-fried chicken, fluffy and sweet Belgium waffle, and the best compliment to it all, their peppered gravy.