5 Necessary Topics Needed when Stocking your Bathroom, New or Desiring Functionality

Why am I always missing something? Moving out of my parents home to my first apartment for college, moving in with a long-term boyfriend, and infamously moving to NY adjusting to all the quarks each bathroom had (including the requirements set in place by new roommates). I call myself an expert for "Wow much better"… Continue reading 5 Necessary Topics Needed when Stocking your Bathroom, New or Desiring Functionality

Twirl your way into this Season’s Gingham Trend

Not the most inviting print to actually pull off which is why I am here! So the lowdown, plus guide on 8 ways to style, to master manipulate looking ridiculously chic wearing a picnic blanket

Dawn to Dusk

Inside the mind of a night prowler

Cool Urban Basics Achieving New York Style: Brought to you in Poetic Form

Ode to a typical surviving New York Girl She is hip she is cool. A throw on and go. Cash money on the mind.  Robotic state of passerby's slurping up on their social feeds. Game of checkers or dice, it's all black and white. Play ball tearing a hole in the knee sliding into your Home base. Thank god… Continue reading Cool Urban Basics Achieving New York Style: Brought to you in Poetic Form

Artist on the rise: Dylan Bauver

This past weekend two of my good friends invited me, and a lot of other people to check out an art show they were presenting at The Gowanus Art Project. I am one who loves to support and promote my friends especially since they are all talented. Free drinks also helped sway what I was to do on… Continue reading Artist on the rise: Dylan Bauver

Sunday Sounds with Sandy: The Veronicas

Aussie pop princesses The Veronicas are back! It’s been awhile since their hit "Untouched" was released in 2007, but after years filled with record label drama and an album that didn’t quite make waves in the U.S., my favorite Australian twins return with force! Their new track “In My Blood” was released last month and has… Continue reading Sunday Sounds with Sandy: The Veronicas

Fuse style and business with Banana Republic

Oh the Banana Republic, how you have fueled my closet through the years.  Pretty blouses, flirty dresses, print loving pants, durable jewelry is all under the Banana Republic roof. Always having sales allows you to score a full-price item for 40% on a Wednesday and by receiving their emails you can catch sales like 40% off your entire purchase!… Continue reading Fuse style and business with Banana Republic

What it takes to FIT your Dreams

Not too long ago, so it seems to me, I had a chemical switch, zap to the brain or manifest destiny (except Texas to East Coast) hit me like a cartoon with a baseball bat. Swarming stars, overly confident delusions, and determination pursued. The main goal was to move to NY and BE IN FASHION. Naturally thinking the acceptance (and attendance) at FIT would path my yellow brick road to fashion success...