Why Pink and Statement Items are declaring to be 2017s big Fashion Trend

I want to focus on a couple things since we all know women, out-beat men, in more than just a set of balls, on what we have always done better. The color pink and style.

Be a sport in all white head to toe Look

All white and athletic are two trends that are ‘active’ this summer. Combine together you have a clean, yet casual style with loose fit top to bottom and casual sneakers that support for days. Continue reading to achieve the sporty-chic style

Go day to night Brooklyn Style

Based off experience, style, and visual processing, I created this Day to Night look for those living on rough streets or looking to spice up your style attitude with attention-grabbing pieces like this 'Chill Pills' iPhone case and roaring badge denim shorts.

Pattern play, featuring Band of Gypsies

My focus narrowed in on the brand, Band of Gypsies. Not only have they pulled off a perky collection, playing on patterns and bohemian vibes, but all of Gypsies looks are under $100. Bang for your buck is a must, I want my readers to feel inspired to click on my looks, not diminished by $1,000 price tags. So enjoy the bell sleeve dresses, flow-in-the-wind pants, and tasseled ties. Reign in the season!